Who are we?

We are an eCommerce company dedicated to offer a helping hand to the millions of anxious lives/people in their pursuit for building a house of their own or for that matter-of-fact any housing/commercial project they aspire to accomplish. We at withmaterial.com provide end-to-end key solutions to all your needs that may arise in the course of completing a building/housing project.

Our eCommerce platform offers a large variety of products which includes Cement, TMT Steel, Fine Aggregates, Coarse Aggregates, Bricks, Concrete Blocks, Doors , Windows, Paints, Modular Kitchen, Plumbing, Bath Fittings, Sanitary Ware, Pumps, Electrical Wires, Plywood, Granites, Marbles, Tiles and much more.

We are driven by our motto of providing right, genuine, best rated and on time delivery of various building materials.

We are a dream born out of a need which developed into an idea and transformed into withmaterial.com

What do we do?

We at with material provide end to end solutions of building materials needs of people. People, who are willing to take a helping hand on the way to build their dream homes.

When where and why do we come in picture?

There are two ways of completing a housing project-

Following the traditional way, you would be required to take the help of a number of people/agencies to build a house of your own. To begin with, you would require the services of an architect to conceive the design of your house. Thereafter, you are required to seek the services of a contractor to turn this beautiful imaginary design into a real one before you begin your run from pillar to post to arrange for the requisite building material like cement, bricks, iron rods (sariya) and so on. Once the structure is erected, the next bout of struggle begins. You would further need men and material to accomplish the tasks like furnishing, flooring and paint etc. In the end, you would certainly succeed in building your dream home but not without graying a lot of hair.


you can just contact WITHMATERIAL.com – Your one stop solution for building your home from toe to top.


Hi, my name is Ajay and I’m one of the founders of Withmaterial.com. Few years back, I started working on the mission of building my dream home.

I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong.

Every time I ordered some building material, I had to argue a lot to bring down the high rates offered by building material supplier. This was just the beginning and then came the long trail of calls to ensure the right time delivery. I struggled with this problem throughout the project.

Few months into all these and I thought this must be the problem with many of us. I decided to develop a solution that could be of some help for people like me by easing the way building projects are done. The idea of WITHMATERIAL.com was woven then. I and my partners Rajendra and Lokesh started to work upon the idea.

We sought to revolutionize the way people go about for the flooring or plumbing or furnishing works at their under construction housing project.

We wanted to re-imagine how people can find with ease the right building material supplier to ensure the on time delivery of best-rated material at their doorstep.

We realized that the best way to do this would be by providing people with crystal clear transparency in this opaque and non-transparent field. Therefore, we provide you with the real time tracking of the prices of various building materials with an assurance of timely delivery and great quality.

We hope you’ll join us in making this dream a reality by spreading the word about withmaterial and the transparency it offers.

We look forward for your encouraging reviews and suggestions which will help people in making better choices during the course of their dream (home) coming true.

Thanks for listening!